What to expect from your first visit

Your first nutrition visit

Want to know what your first Nutrition session will look like? Here’s our blueprint for you:

    1. You are greeted and welcomed into our weight loss center.
    2. You meet your doctor or certified health coach, and we talk a little bit about you, your habits, and your diet.
    3. We talk about your expectations and weight loss goals.
    4. We use an Inbody Body Composition Scan to determine realistic and achievable goals.
    5. We provide you with a blueprint and plan of action, so you see and feel your results.
    6. You continue to have check-ups where our Fit 3D machine scans and tracks your progress and then records the massive fat loss taking place.

Your first Contour Light® session

Want to know what your first Contour Light® session will look like? Here’s an outline of what to expect:

    1. After meeting your doctor or health coach, you can let us know more about your present lifestyle and eating habits.
    2. We talk about your expectations and weight loss goals.
    3. We do an in-body composition analysis so we can make an accurate blueprint of your specific profile and needs
    4. The first measurement is made.
    5. You may take a nap while enjoying the Contour Light® experience! (Optional: You can also enjoy our full face shield that targets the face, chin, and neck)
    6. We place you on the vibration plate that will allow the liquified fat to be eliminated by the lymphatic system.
    7. We measure you again so you can see instant results!
    8. A custom plan is designed so you can reach your weight loss and health goals.

How to prepare for your first Contour Light® session

Download and print our form

You can print and fill out this form before your first session!

Drink water

Divide your body weight by two and that’s the ounces of water you should drink

Have a light meal

Eat a light meal two hours before your treatment and wait two hours after the treatment to eat again

Dress comfortably

Contour Light® only works on areas where the skin is exposed. This means you should bring comfortable undergarments (such as a sports bra).

Do cardio

The best moment to exercise is right after the treatment. A quick walk or visit to the gym will do wonders for your progress!

Eat healthy

Having a meal plan to boost your weight loss progress will maximize the results

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol intake works against the Contour Light® treatment and will lessen your results. Instead, make sure you drink lots of water!

Decrease caffeine

You can have your daily cup of coffee; just make sure you don’t dehydrate from an all-day intake

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