Contour Light®: Our Body Contouring Weight Loss Service

Non-surgical body contouring in Lake Nona (near Orlando) FL

Skin Tightening

Diminishes the presence of fine lines and wrinkles

Diminishes the presence of cellulite and dimples/ridges caused by other treatments

Helps to stimulate collagen and elastin formation

Rids your body of subcutaneous fat deposits

Benefits of the Contour Light® technology

Inspire Weight Loss Contour Light® LED Body Sculpting has no side effects. In fact, the process is so easy that there’s no recovery time required at all. In just a single treatment, you will notice results.  Body contouring rids excess fat in places like the waist, hips, thighs, arms, and even the face and chin. The best part? You can treat multiple areas at once!

What is Contour Light?®

The Contour Light® technology is a non-surgical FDA-approved skin tightening method that uses LED light (635 nm) body contouring to help naturally slim, shape, and tone areas, including the waist, hips, thighs, and upper arms. It also uses 880 nm light to increase collagen and elastin formation while contouring the body and creating a slimmer appearance.

At our weight loss center, we use Contour Light® both alone and paired with our weight loss programs for maximum results. This is one of the reasons we are the best and most effective weight loss treatment program in Lake Nona.

Pay only $79 for your first Weight Loss Consult and Contour Light® session!*

Experience sustainable weight loss with real food and without hunger pains at Inspire Weight Loss. Our first session includes a clinician-guided weight loss consultation and, additionally, a Contour Light® session.

*First-time customers only.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many sessions does it take before I see results?

Every person is different, but most report losing 2-4 inches after their first session. There should be immediate results on your first session. We can provide you with tips to increase your results.

How long can I expect each session to be?

Contour Light® sessions run about 20 minutes in length. We treat multiple areas at one time to give you the maximum results. The short treatment time keeps it convenient enough to add to your daily errands.

How many sessions does it take to reach my goal?

A personalized plan of Contour Light® sessions is created after seeing the results of your first visit and combining them with your goals. Due to everyone responding differently, there is no pre-determined number of sessions.

Is Contour Light® safe to use?

Yes, Contour Light® is FDA approved and is safe and effective to use for circumferential inch reduction, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, and improved blood circulation. It has been cleared as a non-invasive dermatologic treatment that provides a reduction in the size of fat cells.

Do the lights get hot or burn?

No, the LED lights used on the Contour Light® pads get slightly warm as a heating pad might. There is no burning sensation or other discomfort involved. The lights are very bright, and the eyes should be shielded.

How long will my results last?

The fat that is drawn out of the cells gets flushed out of your body for good. However, the cells are not gone, and any poor diet choices or weight gain may result in them filling with fat again. In other words, a healthy lifestyle can make these results permanent for you.