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No shakes, prepackaged foods, or flavorless meal replacement bars. Say goodbye to fad diets and starving yourself!

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Our weight loss methods are personalized and based on your daily life and needs to make them sustainable.

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We offer drug-free, all-natural weight loss with fast fat loss results!

Our services customized to your weight loss goals

We want to help you meet your weight loss and health goals and take control of your health forever. Our weight loss program and non-surgical body contouring help you look and feel your best. Our certified health coaches are guided by a doctor to ensure you are getting the best possible weight loss results.

We teach you how to prepare the correct meals to lose weight. As the premier, fastest-growing weight loss clinic in Lake Nona, near Orlando, FL, we bring the experience of helping many people just like you to achieve fast weight loss results.

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We offer drug-free and all-natural nutrition methods that won’t require you to starve.

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Weight Loss

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Contour Light®

Contour Light®

Our fast and sustainable body contouring will allow you to lose weight and keep it off.


Contour Light®

Our non-surgical and painless body sculpting designed to reduce fat and build muscle.

Benefits of contour light therapy

Introducing the Contour Light® technology

Contour Light® is a non-invasive, painless, and non-surgical body contouring method that’s fast and sustainable. The Contour Light® machine targets fat cells in multiple areas of your body at once. The best part? It has no downtime!

Pay only $79 for your first Weight Loss Consult and Contour Light® session!*

Experience sustainable weight loss with real food and without hunger pains at Inspire Weight Loss. Our first session includes a clinician-guided weight loss consultation and, additionally, a Contour Light® session.

*First-time customers only.

Real food, real results

Our clients eat over two pounds of nutrient-dense foods daily, ensuring you never go hungry. Your weight loss program includes a variety of natural foods flavored to your liking. We help you put together the right everyday foods to lose weight. Our goal is to create healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes. We are THE Lake Nona weight loss experts who stay with you at every step!

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👇 A Medical Weight Loss Warning! 👇

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The current weight loss trend is highly aimed toward injectables.

The FDA approved the first weight loss injection in 2023. However, there is little indication that insurers will widely cover the medication (reference).

In addition to out-of-pocket costs ranging around $13,000 annually, these medications have a host of undesired side effects that the consumer might not be aware of.

Weight loss injections come with a black-label warning for the possibility of thyroid cancer (reference). In addition, these medications are intended for long-term use; you will likely be on them for years in order to reach your goals.

Another thing to consider is that the hunger will come back as soon as you are off the medications, often with a vengeance.

Along with pancreatitis, other common side effects are:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • abdominal pain
  • constipation
  • heartburn
  • burping

While there might be a place for these drugs in some cases, most of the time, nutritional education and habit modification are faster, safer, and definitely effective weight loss tools. Medical weight loss drugs have a history of adverse effects, which is difficult to ignore.

At Inspire Weight Loss, the Reveal Lifestyle Program routinely allows clients to shed an average of 20-30 lbs in just 6 weeks.

Inspire focuses on fat loss, not just weight loss. Our nutritional process and supplementation teach you how to eat for life, therefore giving you the tools that you can use to keep the weight off forever. We offer one one-on-one weekly coaching, we stabilize your metabolism, and we create a new set point with a program that will help you succeed without dangerous injections or medications.

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Customized weight loss programs near Orlando, FL

Our supervised weight loss program is personalized just for you from start to finish. Each client schedules weekly follow-up visits with our team to keep you on track. We stay with you for several weeks after the program’s lose-and-melt phase to ensure you keep the weight off for good. In addition, clients have daily access to their coach for guidance and accountability.

We incorporate intermittent fasting and a low-fat diet and help you plan real, healthy flavor-filled meals so you enjoy stress-free weight loss with fast results. The accountability and individuality of our program and our relaxed, welcoming spa facility are just some of the reasons we have thousands of satisfied clients and are Lake Nona’s premier quick weight loss center.

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